Hi, I'm Gürcan Cansever. Born 1984 in Speyer / Germany, grew up in Istanbul.


By profession Film Editor. After my first degree in 2008, I began working as an intern / assistant at the renowned postproduction company Fono Film Istanbul, where my passion and interest in montage became clear.


Thanks to curiosity (people on the go) - commitment (all-rounder) and ambition (to do make), I got the opportunity to work on my own initiative and on scenic cinema trailers. As a junior later as a senior editor, I gained experience in horror, psycho-drama, comedy, historical, documentary, series and animated films, which gave me a quality to deal with a conscious understanding of it.


My analytical-emphatic approach, my sensitivity for nuances and gestures in the language, the eye for aesthetics, the dynamic as well as patient feeling of rhythm and understanding of storytelling, enable me to convey the story from idea to the end product as a homogeneous feeling.


To refine these attributes, in 2013 I started my second studies at the Filmakademie Baden Württemberg in the field of montage / editing. The study allowed a deeper look into the filmic dramaturgy. In April 2019 I graduate my studies.




Why not pop in for a coffee and lets have a chat?

I would like to contribute on upcoming Projects.

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